All Of My Love

Sorry I am not writing so much, I have been very busy with some things and traveling. I hope to have more time soon to share with you.Β  Until then…. all of my love.

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Do you want a Thai girl like me?

So many want to see more of my panties, so here you go. This is my old lady panties but they are so comfortable. πŸ™‚

Do you want a Thai girl like me if I have old lady panties?

I have a photo shoot tomorrow with What do you want to see me wear? More old lady panties like this?Β  πŸ˜‰

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Do you like my boobs here?

A fan sent this to me last night and said it was his favorite photo of me. *blush*

I’ve actually never seen this one but it makes my boobs look beyond big and it’s really, really sexy. Maybe I look like this when I have sex and you are under me? What do you think?

Is this a good look for me yes or not? I think I like it a lot. Maybe ask more photographers to shoot like this.

To tell you the truth this may be my NEW favorite photo of me nude. I’m linking it to the site that took it if you want to see more. I’m going to have them send me the rest of these, I want to see them all!

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Fire Dancers!!!

I’m back in the city now because the island got too cold, but these are the photos I talked about with fire dancers.

OMG these guys were so good! Most of my photos are really bad but here are two that are not so bad. They were dancing with music and swinging the fire. It was amazing to watch. If you ever come to the islands in Thailand you MUST see one of these fire shows.

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Today I relax (under an umbrella-ella) and have some afternoon drinks with my friends. Its not so cold today and feels just right but I hope it doesnt rain because I can see some dark clouds over the water.

Tonight going to a fire dance show where people dance with fire. You ever see this before? I will try to take some photos for you, it’s really neat.

Hope everyone is having a good day like me. Love you! Muah!

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Time for nails

You know how much I love to take care of my feet, hands and nails. It’s an obsession. heheΒ  πŸ™‚Β  My feet are matching. I found a place here on the island that looked like they made good job for nails so here I am. What about this color, do you like?

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Island Hopping

Finally Im having a needed holiday with some friends, but it looks like its going to be a little cold. πŸ™ I hope for some hot weather but it is a little cold.

But even in cold you can burn you skin and I like to keep my skin white so I have to cover up in the middle of the day time. I might take some bikini photos though for you. I’ll have to see if the water is cold too, I have not been inside the water yet.

It’s been a long time since I visit the islands in my country and I forget many times how beautiful they are and think about why I don’t come here more. Very relaxing if it is a little cold for me.

One of my friends has a birthday party tomorrow so I think maybe I will have some fun with that and try not to drink too much. πŸ˜‰

Maybe I will go to Hong Kong after this. There is a company there wanting me to make a photoshoot for them. I have not worked in a long time and getting a little worried maybe I’m getting too fat. Hehe

One thing good about putting on some extra kilos is that my boobs are really big and full now. But when I lose kilos they get smaller some and sag a little. But if I eat a lot they look really good. I admit it is the sticky rice that does it, it is so good to eat I can’t stop.

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What panties should I wear?

You dont know how much time I spend trying to decide what I am going to wear. Not just for shirts or skirts but also for my panties or bra.

Seems I waste much time doing this but I have a very hard time deciding. Maybe I should just post here every day with photos and you can decide for me? So much easy for me like this. πŸ™‚Β  So today is it light pink, dark pink or white panties?

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My heart is broken

I am so sad about the horrible quake and tsunami in Japan.Β  I remember the tsunami here in Thailand and I lost many friends. It was horrible. Now my heart breaks for everyone in Japan.Many friends there who are not writing back to me. I hope they are OK. So sad.

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Missing my iPhone

As you know someone stole my iPhone so I’m back to using my old Nokia. The photos are not as good on this phone but I shouldn’t complain too much because it could be worse and I don’t have any phone to use.

If you wonder where I am right now…. I am in dressing room inside Siam Paragon mall. πŸ™‚Β  Where are you?

After this I’m meeting some friends for eating and a maybe go to Bed Supper Club on Soi 11. If you see me tonight, come say HELLO to me and maybe buy me a drink? (or give me a new iphone) heheΒ  πŸ˜‰

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OMG boobs look so big here

Hahaha! I push my boobs together and take this photo and they look HUGE!Β  I wish they could grow to this size. I think I would be more happy and could get more work that would bring more money to me.

What do you think? This size good for me or you think I’m OK where I am? I think more money could come to me if they were bigger.

Why does all men like big boobs?

And why does my dog always try to sleep his head on my boobs?


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Do you like football?

One thing you’ll learn about me is I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!!Β  πŸ™‚

Manchester United is my favorite team in the world and when they play my friends who are not with me know not to call me or try to get me from the television. hehe

It is a dream of mine to go to a World Cup. So….. if one of you has tickets and want to take me to the next one, send me mail. You would make my dream come true. But you have to promise to be a gentleman and not some dirty man who only wants to touch my boobs. Seems that is all I meet. πŸ™

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Someone stole my iPhone this afternoon. I’m so angry and sad right now. I lose all my numbers, phone photos, videos and… ANGRY BIRDS!!!Β  πŸ™

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Loving my feet

If you go to Thailand before you know you can have spas and massage everywhere you look.

I try to have a foot spa every week for some pamper to myself and love my feet.

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Meet Panda

This is Panda. I love him more than anything.

Is he not the cutest dog you have ever seen in all of your live? haha

Panda keeps me company and is always there for me and waiting for me when I come home from a long day.

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