I live in Bangkok

I think it is best to show you all of my life. Where I am, where I go, what I eat, and maybe my friends. Maybe that is what you want to see? Sounds fun.  😉

I live in Bangkok but travel often. I like to visit Hong Kong to go shopping (amazing boots there) and I also like to travel around my home country of Thailand.

I’ll bring you with me to the beach, to the mountain, to the mall and into my house.

Hope you can enjoy what I make here and maybe you can see how I live.

Bye for now.

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7 Responses to I live in Bangkok

  1. Teo says:

    I love football too and Arg, Holland and Spain Are my teams. I enjoy reading your blog too. Thank you

  2. Ronny says:

    My fav team is the “Red Devils”. Current favourite player is Chicharito and all time favourite is Cantona! What abt urs, Irene?

  3. Sonuash says:

    Hello Irene,
    I would like to get in touch with you & meet you. I will soon be in Bangkok. Please send me your contact details.

    Bye & take care

  4. Khewin says:

    Hi Irene, I remember meeting you for the first time in Udon Thani in 2005. I have photo with you too? Where are you now? Would like to meet you again.

  5. Xavier Diaz says:

    Hi Irene….
    I am in Bangkok for the next few months and would love to meet you… Please let know how to get in touch….

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