Hi! I am Irene.

Hi! I am not sure what I can write here but everyone says to me to write a blog so here I am. And please excuse my English. I will try to show you a little of my life and what I like to do. I hope my fans will send me messages and comments. I will try to reply to everyone.

All my love,

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5 Responses to Hi! I am Irene.

  1. richAmericantallguy says:

    Irene! Come to the US, marry me! I will take care of you and buy you everything you can dream of. Let’s have kids too! Marry me babe! Write me soon.

    • Irene says:

      @richAmericantallguy: You sure you want to marry with me? You know I’m a little crazy. Hehehe. But I don’t know about babies. I am afraid I lose my body and have ugly stomach. I think my boobs would be HUGE if I had babies.

  2. Pan says:

    hi Irene,
    i like you very much, i must look your pic everyday. would you please add me on your facebook.
    i love you so!!

    • Irene says:

      @Pan: Thank you Pan. I only write facebook and Hi5 in Thai. Usually only for family. But if I change I will let you know, ok bb?

  3. chan chee seng says:

    hi irene,

    I am one of your fan and i got to look at your photo everyday.Is there any possibility that
    we can meet one of these day.it is my wish to meet you.

    thank you

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