OMG boobs look so big here

Hahaha! I push my boobs together and take this photo and they look HUGE!  I wish they could grow to this size. I think I would be more happy and could get more work that would bring more money to me.

What do you think? This size good for me or you think I’m OK where I am? I think more money could come to me if they were bigger.

Why does all men like big boobs?

And why does my dog always try to sleep his head on my boobs?


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14 Responses to OMG boobs look so big here

  1. Fuzio says:

    Wow… this is HUGE~
    nice boobs u hav~
    wondering how big is it~ >.<"

    • Irene says:

      @Fuzio: Thank you so much. Sweet mouth. I have big boobs all of my life and when I was young I was very shy about them. But now I am ok.

  2. oliver chan says:

    I just love your boobs,and i look at it everyday.

  3. myko says:

    i love real boobs on real women…
    u are an awesome thai woman….

  4. Putra says:

    DEFINITELY HUGE!! BIG BOOBS… I wonder how it feels like if I put my face on them or touch them using my hands… 😉

  5. Matthew Mooney says:

    Breasts are great… but your lips and eyes surpass them.

  6. oliver chan says:

    @Irene: very happy to see your reply.if you make your own site i will be the first one to join.hopefully you can fullfill my wish to meet you one of these day.

  7. johnny doe says:

    Men love boobs on thin women because it is very sexually attractive, like they are just petite and frame but have really soft, big breasts for playing. I like girls like that who are submissive in bed and let me squeeze and suck on them all I want while they ride me on top. It feels good because it feels nice to dominate a petite, submissive woman with a nice body. Do you enjoy it when a men squeezes your breasts?

  8. John says:

    Irene, your boobs are just perfect – absolutely yummy to look at – as the rest of you is – eyes, legs, hair, ass, pussy, nose, hands … all beautiful. We men like big boobs because they are so unique, so beautiful, so special – touching them is a privelege, a special occasion, like being in contact with a goddess.

  9. jo says:

    hi how r u? i am in thailand in 2 weeks. i am slim guy and not ugly. can i meet u? u r my dream thai cutie. ur like a famous person to me.

  10. James says:

    They’re PERFECT just as they are.

  11. terry wu says:

    perfect.. anymore?

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