Today I relax (under an umbrella-ella) and have some afternoon drinks with my friends. Its not so cold today and feels just right but I hope it doesnt rain because I can see some dark clouds over the water.

Tonight going to a fire dance show where people dance with fire. You ever see this before? I will try to take some photos for you, it’s really neat.

Hope everyone is having a good day like me. Love you! Muah!

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8 Responses to Relax

  1. Jan says:

    Wow you so sexy girl! btw u do webcams??

  2. Jan says:

    really? add me?

  3. Ronny says:

    Babe! able to add me on skype? Island hop to Singapore one day!

  4. dan says:

    can u add me too on skype?
    My mail is

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